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Demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BX3hx8vkxE

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In case you guys are interested, I’m making a series on how to make a Pokemon Game. A lot of people wanna make a game, so I’m going to make some videos on the basics!

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Yo yo yo! A lot of great name ideas coming from you all, thanks! I’ll choose one when I get my computer back!
In the mean time, I made a twitter account based on my youtube channel. I will use  it to tweet about Obsidian, videos I upload, Pokemon, and other games! So go give it a follow if you’re interested in more frequent updates!

Follow me @atomicreactor
Or follow my personal one @justinpw93

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coonae asked: What about Canill, Canost, and Tunbrawl?

OOOooooohhh I do like Tunbrawl a lot!
The first two though idk… Canchill and Canfrost maybe?

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I’m Sorry

Guys, I’m sorry I haven’t uploaded anything in like a hot minute, here or on the youtubez. I don’t have a computer desk yet, and I for some reason can’t find motivation to work without a desk to work on (yeah I know, life is rough) But for reals, when I get that desk. YOU KNOW IMMA BE UPLOADING MAD AMOUNTS OF SHIT TO YALL FACES THOUGH. Ok thanks.

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Alternative Fairy Type?

Ok, in regard to our last post ( my last post cause I’m one person damnit )
If we add fairy, and this has been suggested already, but I thought about it also, what if we change the name? Instead of fairy, it’d be call Astral, or Space… or… Idk, not something so fucking lame.

I love the idea of a new type, but “fairy” just sounds tooooooo lame. Idk, holla at ya boy and let us/me know what you think!